le balayage - 165
[lay bah-lee-ahge] the balayage

Our most popular customizable style that gives balayage its distinct reputation of painted on color with an au naturel shadow root for a look that’s lived-in and effortlessly chic.

le balayage plus - 225
[lay bah-lee-ahge] the balayage +

A more in-depth way to balayage where we paint in extra brushstrokes of playful placements and brightened pieces to complement your natural hue.

bonjour, blondie - 265
[bōn-shjor, blondie] hello, blondie 

Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot with multi-tonal brushes of blonde painted throughout your whole head of hair.

brun à blonde package - 405 (10% off)
[bruh ooo blonde] brown to blonde 

Hello, brunettes who are looking to find out if blondes really do have more fun. This one is for you— merci beaucoup. This package includes 2 sessions to revamp your look from brunette to blonde.

la vie en couleur  - 145
[la v-on cool-air] life in color  

We’ve got you covered starting at the root—including rogue gray hairs or disguising your natural hue—using our painted technique that fits anyone’s palette.
+$55 if added to a balayage service 

femme d’affaires  - 135
[fem day-affair] businesswoman 

The perfect quick pick-me-up for the woman on the go so you’ll have a ‘just kissed by the sun in the Maldives’ look without ever being at the beach. (This is a quick balayage touch-up at the root and along the hairline)

à l’ombre - 145
[ah-la-ombre] in the shadow 

This coloring creates a soft shadow at the root combined with shades of gradation that leads to a lighter and brighter look at the ends.

contour du visage - 135
[contour do v-zaah-ge] face contour  

This quick addition paints the picture-perfect frame of your face with contour to highlight your features and give your style a brush up.

à la carte

add on dusting - 45
Get those ends cleaned up, add face-framing layers, or light layers to enhance your color and spruce up your look.
(This may only be added to another service.)

full haircut  - 80
Great hair starts with a great cut. Whether you want internal layers or a complete style change we’re here to give you the perfect custom cut. 
*Please ask your stylist if you're a candidate for dustings.

add on root coverage  - 55
Fab hair starts at the root. Add a routine root touch-up to any of our balayage services.

hair bath and blowout  - 45
Enjoy a luxurious hair bath experience followed with a style (does not include updo).

crème de la crème  - 45
Keep your hair in tip-top condition so it feels satin-soft, oxidant-rich, and super-smooth. 
$75 with hair bath and blowout

hi again  - 125+
Sweep’s signature trois-in-un service that includes a mask + tone + trim. Good hair starts with a hello.

add on scalp detox treatment  - 45
Say au revoir to stress and toxins with this herb and clay peeling cleanser that restores vitality to your whole head of hair while preventing future imbalances that start at the scalp. This includes a luxurious hair bath experience followed with a style (does not include updo). 
$75 with hair bath and blowout

gloss and tone  - 65
An effortless way to add a refreshing glow and shimmer to your shade. Followed with a blow dry and style.

pop de couleur  - 60
Pick from one of our four soft fashion colors by Oway Organics.

group balayage package  - 600*
Grab vos amis (groups of 3-6) for a balayage party at Sweep after hours! Two weeks advance notice required. To book please call the salon directly.

*Starting price at 3 guests and includes rosé and light bites.